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Your platform for change, growth, and gains.

Newly Expanded! 

 L  I  F  T

Ironworks Gym is a members only gym with key fob access to allow you to train at YOUR optimal time... day or night, any day of the year.

Ironworks Gym boasts over 7,000 square feet of weight training equipment, a variety of cardio equipment, mirroring throughout the facility, amenities including onsite shower and lockers, but of utmost importance... an unrivaled atmosphere to motivate you to be your best! 

We offer individual adult memberships, couples memberships, and discounts for military and service men and women. 

Ironworks Gym Equipment

ironworks gym

Ironworks Weights
Ironworks Gym Equipment

THE hardcore gym experience in the heart of Grand Forks, ND...

Ironworks Gym was established in 2007, and has continued to provide a unique and energizing venue to build bodies ever since. Ironworks Gym is not your average health and fitness facility, it is a platform for change, growth, and gains!

Ironworks Gym forges individuals to compete at their highest level, whether it be in bodybuilding, powerlifting, cross-fit, fitness training, or in maximizing athletic endeavors. As an Ironworks Gym member, chances are one of your goals is to not only become stronger, but push your body and mind to its true potential.

Providing you with a superior fitness experience, coupled with camaraderie and knowledgeable staff- you will be inspired, motivated, and encouraged.

Ironworks Gym is the headquarters for your aspirations, promoting a lifestyle to challenge yourself and CONQUER! 

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Gym Information

Ironworks Gym is owned and operated by Adam Suedel, PT, DPT. Adam is a lifelong weightlifter who competed regionally and nationally in NASA and USAPL powerlifting meets. He also was a multi-sport athlete prior to beginning his career as a physical therapist. He currently owns and operates Suedel Therapeutics and Wellness in addition to his work at Ironworks Gym. With extensive knowledge in sports medicine, sports injury rehab, and physical training to assess and treat the injured athlete, Adam is an asset to all the members of Ironworks Gym. If you are seeking guidance with your training concepts or if you are nursing an injury, Adam can help you get back to your best! 

Ironworks Gym does provide staffed hours to allow for potential members to tour the facility. If you are interested in contacting Ironworks staff to assist in this process, change your existing membership, or inquire about events, please access the Ironworks Gym Facebook page, or click below. 

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